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Independently Owned Investment Advisory Service

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Is an Investment Advisor right for me?

An independent, fee-based investment advisor is not owned or operated by a broker/dealer, and their compensation is based on the value of the assets they manage for you. An advisor offers discretionary portfolio management, which saves you time, simplifies your investing and enables you to quickly capitalize on potential market opportunities. Your advisor will also help create a long-term strategic plan to navigate the larger economic and market environment, keeping your financial goals on course.

Investment Advisor or Broker?
  • A fiduciary relationship demands that the fiduciary must always place the client’s interests first. Investment Advisors have a fiduciary relationship with their clients. A fiduciary relationship does not exist between an investor and their Broker. 
  • Brokers are paid to trade, charging commissions, sales charges, 12(b)1s and account service fees. Denali Capital is compensated only through management fees, and does not receive any commissions, sales charges, or 12(b)1 fees. Our compensation is firmly linked to the performance of the investments we manage.
  • Brokers are often limited to certain lists of approved investment products and mutual funds selected by their firm.  Independent investment advisors normally enjoy an open architecture and have no such limits. Denali Capital works through the Institutional Division of Charles Schwab & Co. to provide one of the widest investment selections in the industry today.

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